Eco-Friendly Vinyl Pressing

180-gram, 100% Recyclable Injection Mold 12inch Pressing

79% C02 reduction compared to the traditional vinyl pressing process


180-Gram – 100% Recyclable GVR Sound Injection Mold –  12inch Records – Playable on any turntable – Available in 19 different of colors

Started in response to the ongoing difficulties that artists, labels, and ultimately fans were experiencing when desiring new vinyl records, we have re-imagined the record and how it is manufactured – preserving the rich analog sound, and comprehensive packaging – but reinventing the manufacturing process, and developing new, environmentally friendly raw materials.

  • 180-gram, 100 % recyclable records
  • 19 different color options (Opaque & Translucent)
  • Fast Turnaround: 8-12 Weeks from delivered audio and artwork assets
  • Minimum of a 79% C02 reduction compared to the traditional vinyl pressing process

Utilizing Green Vinyl Polymer, a 100 % recyclable material from the PET family of plastics.      PET plastics have been widely used in the packaging industry – in fact PET plastics represent 97  % of the US market for plastic packaging – and because it is a recyclable material – there are  no anticipated market shortages of the raw material needed to produce Green Vinyl records.

This is new capacity to the market, and is not based on the traditional pressing process, our process utilizes injection molding principles and 21st century manufacturing and advanced robotics.

Delivering quicker turn times, enabling records to reach fans when they want them – no extended delays while waiting for pressing capacity to open up.

From an environmental impact perspective:

  • Replace current raw materials and eliminate toxic phthalates (plasticizers) for a 100 % recyclable product made from PET materials.
  • Chemical production of PET material versus the traditional PVC material for records reduces the CO2 with 56%.
  • At least 79% CO2 reduction, due to the Green Vinyl manufacturing process not requiring a boiler and a more efficient molding process.

o Even the most efficient traditional press produces 260,000 Kg of Co2 a year to power a boiler, to press 300,000- 500,000 records, with many older plants being considerably less efficient.

o The Green Vinyl molding process utilized by GoGreen records produces 107,500 Kg of C02 to manufacture the 3 to 4 times more records per year as a traditional press.

    • LP jackets and inner sleeves printed on 100% recycled board
    • Scientifically measured results confirm a superior audio quality with no degradation over time.

What We Do:

  • Provide timely production of records
    • Manage the production process – from a delivered master to finished vinyl product
    • Production runs can range from 200 units – 10,000+
  • Award-winning mastering and cutting engineers
  • Packaging design and sourcing
  • Fulfillment services to multiple channels
    • Omnichannel retail, independent and national
    • Wholesale distribution
    • Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment
    • Shopify product feeds
    • Customized tour support
      • Get the product shipped to you on tour or directly to the consumer
      • Targeted Indie Retail Tour Programs
  • Create Custom Branded Products and Exclusive editions
    • Create compilation packages to represent and promote your brand
    • Create exclusives for retail outletsfacturing process, materials, and developing new distribution models.

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