Go Green Records

100 % Recyclable Records that are ecologically friendly, timely, and allows the artist to connect with their audiences.

180-Gram – 12inch records – Available in 20 different colors


Go Green Records is a platform for analog products that are ecologically friendly, timely, and allows the artist to connect with their audiences.

100 % recyclable records – Playable on any turntable.   180-Gram – 12inch records – Available in 20 different of colors

  • No PVC (polyvinyl chlorides) or toxic phthalates (plasticizers)
  • At least 95% CO2 reduction, due to no use of natural gas for the steam process
  • LP jackets and inner sleeves printed on 100% recycled materials and board using vegetable-based ink
  • Scientifically measured results confirm a superior audio quality with no degradation over time.

What We Do:

  • Provide timely production of records
    • Manage the production process – stepping in at any point, from a delivered recording
    • Production runs can range from the hundreds to the thousands or more
  • Access to award-winning mastering and cutting engineers
  • Packaging design and sourcing
  • Fulfillment services to multiple channels
    • Omnichannel retail, both independent and national footprints
    • Wholesale distribution
    • Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment
    • Shopify product feeds
    • Customized tour support
      • Get the product shipped to you on tour or directly to the consumer
      • Targeted Indie Retail Tour Programs
  • Create Custom Branded Products and Exclusive editions
    • Create compilation packages to represent and promote your brand
    • Create exclusives for retail outlets

Started in response to the ongoing difficulties that artists and labels, regardless of size were encountering in delivering records to the market in a timely fashion we have reimagined the record and how it is distributed – preserving the rich analog sound, and comprehensive packaging – but reinventing the manufacturing process, materials, and developing new distribution models.

Music Industry Pro’s – Decades of Experience
Making Sure Your Art, Looks & Sounds Great


Everything we do has the commitment of a hyper-focused and motivated team.


Focused on results we seek to raise the level and awareness of our clients and customers